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Dedicated to students from classroom to courtroom.

At ARCRA, students will undergo extensive training and testing in order to enable each student to excel in the career of court reporting. Our motivated instructors train individuals in the voice writing method of court reporting by using innovative technology and expertise, which encompasses all skills and knowledge necessary to become a certified court reporter. Although our classes are online, they are set up in a unique format using a hands-on approach via our online portal. Upon completion of the 19-week online course, each student will be prepared to test for the State or National Board exam to become a certified court reporter.

Court reporters are critically important to the legal industry. The court reporter is responsible for taking the spoken word and transforming it into the written word. Therefore, it is essential for the reporter to be highly qualified prior to entering the field in order to produce excellent transcripts that replicate each proceeding exactly as it occurred in realtime. Court reporters may elect to become a freelance court reporter, working from home several days throughout the week as well as taking depositions and other proceedings away from home, or take an official position working in the courtroom taking down court proceedings.

Court reporters also sometimes elect to hone their skills and advance to become realtime reporters enabling them to seek out other positions available as broadcast captioners or CART providers for the hearing impaired. The job possibilities are endless for this exciting career. Due to the statewide and nationwide shortage for court reporters, there has never been a more perfect time to enter the field of court reporting. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job prospects are expected to continue to rise in the next several years with the median annual salary for 2017 being $55,120 and the upper 10 percent earning more than $90,000 annually.

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